Noah’s Critter Crackers: Surtex Sustenance and Smiles


Before we say goodbye to Surtex for this year, we wanted to say thank you, blog-style, to our printer, St. Barry at Republic Printing here in Austin.  When I called Barry with my giveaway idea, he said, “Yes, we can do it,” to which I replied, “By Friday?”  Miraculously, we picked up all the pieces for making our Surtex giveaways on Friday, assembled on Saturday and Sunday,  and shipped them out on Monday.  Thank you again Barry, and to all my weekend elves.

I’m happy to report that the animal-cracking-bow-knotting-box-gluing charrette was worth it.  When we asked our Surtex visitors, “Would you like some Noah’s Critter Crackers?” the response was always the same.  First, a moment of curiosity, and then a smile.  Since the attendees were all grown-ups, I think it might have been a while since they had reached into a good ol’ box of animal crackers.  We heard later that lots of people actually called them lunch due to back-to-back appointments.   It‘s a good thing they were “Packed with Energy,” and “Enhanced with Creativity.” (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself with the wording on the box … I think I might have been a little bit delirious when I was designing it.)


Above Left: Other pieces we needed by Friday included our press kit filled with information about the studio and some fresh new business cards.  Above right:  As you can see, we love a theme, and our theme was on everything, partly due to the fact that Welcome Home Noah, our newest collection, was making its debut next door at the National Stationery Show with C.R. Gibson, and partly due to the fact that we just love a theme.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a new baby in the house … she would probably think she was born on an ark and that her Dad’s name was Noah!

Many people have asked us how we made these nifty little animal cracker boxes.  Since you won’t be able to see the video for the creation of our boxed treats on Unwrapped (due to the fact that we only opened this assembly line for one weekend) we will post a few photos here in case you suddenly feel a DIY desire to make some animal cracker boxes.  Bon appetit from the Cathy Heck Studio Critter Cracker Factory!






Here are two of our younger visitors with their Cathy Heck Studio giveaways.  The smiles were all ours.



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