About Us

Welcome to our blog, Wonder + Make™. We are a family of artists who creates new designs every day for children all over the world. We think of our blog as a fun place for you to join us for a cup of tea and a visit. Hear about growing up in an art studio. Explore the joys of making art. And, discover the wonder that leads to “What if?”

On the first Friday of every month, you can read about the inspiration for the newest collection introduced from our shop, Mej Mej®. We are most inspired by you! We love to hear from you … your plans and dreams inspire us to make beautiful artwork to surround the babies and children you love.

And, be sure to watch for some fun DIY projects so you can create right along with us.

A little bit about us:

We are the artists of Cathy Heck Studio™ and Mej Mej®. And we are a family. I (Cathy) have been licensing art for children’s products for over 25 years. We love that over 2 million babies own a Cathy Heck baby book … you might even have one in your own keepsake box!

While making all that art, my husband, Jim, and I also raised three daughters. Little did we know we were creating our own work force. Ten years ago, Ellen joined our studio team, then Julianna, and then Margaret. Each one shares her special style or gift, and we also love to collaborate. Often, one will complete the project of another! From two studios, in two cities, in two different time zones, we digitally share ideas and inspiration.

Working in a variety of media from printmaking to painting, drawing to digital design, our family is always coming up with something fresh and new. We are most known for our designs for babies and kids. We are inspired to create something for every kind of nursery whether its modern or vintage, classic or boho.

Curious about our name? Mej Mej® is an acronym for the three daughters … Margaret, Ellen, and Julianna. So, it really is all in the family, from the artwork to the name. And if you are wondering how to pronounce our name, it depends on where you are in the world. But if you are here in the USA, you might want to pronounce it the way we do: Mej Mej® with a soft “J” sound … as in treasures … like the babies and children for whom we make our designs.

When we are not making baby collections, we license our designs for products that call for fresh exciting artwork. You can see our handiwork on all kinds of products created with our wonderful manufacturing partners.

From our Wonder + Make™ blog, we also love to share tips and tools for making different kinds of artwork and the ways that it finds its way onto products across the land.

We hope you will join us often for a cup of tea and a visit, and we can wonder about the possibilities and make little masterpieces together.