Luna Love: The Luna Garcia Storefront, Venice Beach


We’ve loved Luna Garcia pottery for a long time here in the studio, so I was super excited to be able to visit the actual store and workshop while we were in LA.  There is a back room where you can find pieces that are slightly different from the main collection, and I wanted to buy a few to celebrate the trip.

My husband and I have seven Luna Garcia dishes – many of them from our wedding – and love them.  The four colors we chose were celadon, pistachio, butter, and mustard – but here’s a full chart of the current colors they offer.  In the back room, I also found a subtly gorgeous slate gray color.


Cindy Ripley, the owner and founder was there to tell me that only a few weeks before, Robert Downey Jr. had stopped by and ordered a full set of slate gray and butter dinnerware.  The gray is technically discontinued, but Cindy laughed about how quickly they opened up the old glazes for RDJ.  I can’t resist the Ironman either, and Cathy’s birthday was right around the corner, so this is what just arrived in Austin: The Luna Downey Jr. combo.



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  1. ellen d. April 9, 2013

    Beautiful! I want to eat that chocolate colored bowl. :)

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