Cuteville is Right Around the Corner

We’re so excited about the Quilt Market debut of Cuteville County Fair, our newest independent-quilt-shops-only collection with Henry Glass Fabrics!



International Quilt Market is coming up this weekend in Portland, and although we can’t be there, our county fair critters will be.  If you are a quilt shop owner going to Portland, please head over to the Henry Glass booth and take a gander at Cuteville County Fair.  It’s chock full of all-American prize-winning critters combined with fresh new takes on some favorite coordinates, like a jumbo bandana border, a chunky gingham and a perfect paisley.

The fabrics will be shipping at the end of September 2013, which is perfect timing for bright summer picnic quilts (or perhaps bold and cuddly Christmas gifts for the super-efficient quilter!) One of the most fun aspects of this collection is that we were able to create a suite of great free downloadable projects.  You can already see them here on the Henry Glass site.  Here is a quick peek at the page o’ projects … it almost looks like a quilt in and of itself!


As soon as the fabric is available, we will be sharing the projects with you in more detail. (Thank goodness the magic elves at Henry Glass can make such excellent patterns for our ideas.)  For example, I (Cathy) am actually learning to sew.  I know.  I can’t believe it, either. But it’s true. And the first thing I plan to make is one of these cute nursery pillows. My goal: that it actually turns out to be square!



Another of our favorite projects – and very easy – is a 4th of July picnic set.  We cannot wait to make these fun coordinating napkins.  In fact, I might make the napkin set before I try that square pillow.


And, for those of you, who have a special baby in your future, we have created projects to decorate the entire nursery.  No better theme for a best-in-show baby than a blue-ribbon nursery.  We love using the jumbo bandana print for the dust ruffle and the valance.  And, depending on where you live, you might even see a cute little goat, like this one, peeking in the window.


Well, we better stop here, as this post was actually meant to be a sneak peek! But, as soon as Cuteville County Fair arrives, we’ll be whipping up some fun, and maybe a pie or two to go with it.

Wishing you a prize-winning week! Cathy and Ellen



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