Red, White and Blue-ish

Is your Fourth of July flag still out? Ours, too. So, before we tuck away all of our red, white and blue until the next American holiday, we thought we would share a floral treatment that works very well for any holiday celebrating Uncle Sam.

Here is the reason a patriotic presentation of flowers is so tricky: Mother Nature does not make very many blue flowers. Hydrangeas are more of a baby blue, and the other deep blue flowers like irises or asters are actually violet. So they never really match your blue paper plates, which are true plastic blue.


So here is my trick.  Don’t worry about the blue.  Get lots of red and white, and then some little bits of any semi-blue flower that you can find.  Your guests will be in such a red-white-and-blue state of mind, their brains will tell them that you have created a picture-perfect Americana arrangement.  See arrangement below.  Red, white and blue-ish.


If you have a long table for lots of hot dog consumers, you can make several mini-arrangements and get a very big bang for the buck.  It’s like a row of floral fireworks.  Happy July!



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