Our ABCs of Summer 2013: Animals, Bracelets and Camp

Well, phooey. We just had to let our youngest gal go back to college. Even though it’s her third year, the first few days of the re-empty-nesting are always a little melancholy. But then I just have to remember what a fun summer it was and get back to work.

Fortunately, I was eased into an empty nest, because Margaret was away serving as a camp counselor for the second half of the summer. Margaret loves camp. If you have not had a chance to hear this fun episode on This American Life about the fascinating and wonderful connection some folks have with camp, have a listen. It is spot on!

The minute Margaret finished her summer school session, she began packing her trunk. And although you might think her lifeguard certification is her best counseloring asset, she has mastered a skill which is even more significant … she is an accomplished friendship-bracelet maker, which is very high on the list of counselor cred.


Earlier in the summer, Margaret had become an expert at wrapping floss around plastic bobbins for a studio project. So, before she left for camp, she decided to make her own box of floss, but with more of a camper-friendly neon color palette. We decided that even a homesick little camper would squeal with delight when presented with this box of possibilities!


The cool thing about these boxes (which you can buy at Jo-Ann stores, by the way) is that you can also use them as the holding board for making your bracelets.  Just tape the floss onto the top and go.  Oh, if you don’t have a bracelet-making expert in your house, don’t worry.  There are lots of books and tutorials online.  In fact, here is a great link to 15 different tutorials.


My favorite style is this twisty one below (Lots of Knots), because it’s so easy, but your friends will be very impressed with your bracelet-making prowess. I thought I was just sort of braiding the strands in the order Margaret taught me, and the next thing I knew, I had created this twisted wonder.


And, of course, the very best thing about a friendship bracelet is that you can give it to a friend and you will be loved.  Unless the friend to whom you give it is your dog. See below, Margaret’s beloved Neville posing with the friendship bracelet/collar Margaret brought to him from camp.  We hope your dog is a little more appreciative than ours was.


We hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer.  From all of us at Cathy Heck Studio … even Neville, who has already forgotten to look pitiful.



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