Creative Expression Then and Now


Today is Julianna’s Senior Show at VCUarts.

To all young parents out there in blogland, if you give your little artist some markers and paper, and she decides that paper is not her preferred substrate for artistic expression, don’t worry …


… because one day, she might be graduating from art school, where face painting is not only allowed, but celebrated. Congratulations Jules. And, heck yes, have a great show.






  1. Sharyn Sowell December 6, 2013

    Fantastic! You must be such a proud mama!

  2. Natalee Hanna December 6, 2013

    Amazing! Lovely thoughts as well :)

  3. Elizabeth December 6, 2013

    So very proud of Jules I can hardly stand it!!! Love to ALL of the Hecks!

  4. Malia December 6, 2013

    So proud of Jules!!! Never once did I doubt he would amaze the masses!!!!

  5. VANN CULP & Marilyn Culp December 6, 2013

    We are so proud of you, Jules. Hope to see you soon.
    Much love and congratulations.

  6. Barb Jansen December 7, 2013

    That is the happy and creative spirit I remember! Congrats to Jules and all of you.

  7. Author
    Cathy Heck December 12, 2013

    Thank you!

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