Crocheted Headbands Are Handy on a Snow Day

It’s was a really-and-truly no-school Snow Day here in Austin, Texas, and we actually had the opportunity to wear Margaret’s holiday craft projects.

This Christmas, Ellen gave Margaret a crocheting lesson and some yarn to start. And, Margaret became a crocheting ninja. I’m not kidding. She was so fast. Her fingers looked like spinning machine wheels whirring along at top speed. I admit that it is possible that her nimble needle rhythm was partly due to One Direction tunes playing in the background. But nevertheless, that only added to the wonder of it all.

As you can see, she started with an infinity scarf. Next a headband. Then another headband. “Oooo, I like that. Will you make one for me?” “Me, too. Me, too.” Another. And, another.

Next thing you know, she had started her own indie craft store. In our living room.



Above is Jules modeling a forest green version with Margaret’s signature red stripe. She started adding it to every piece. If you see one like this when you are on the streets of New York, you will know it’s an original Marge. Watch out Christian Louboutin!

You might not be able to tell from there, but these two pieces (above on Jules and below on Margaret) are made from yarns that contain threads throughout, which glow under the light of a car’s headlights … it’s true … I tried it and I looked like a giant candle … so there ya go … they are not only fashionable accessories, but glowing safety attire, as well.

If you, too, are yearning for a fancy new ear sweater (with a signature red stripe), just let me know, and I’ll ask my source to make some more. However, she has headed back to college, so we might have to place you on the “after finals wait list.”


Above is the designer, with her favorite model of all, wearing his very own Margaret original. It’s a little toasty for him with his thick part-Husky mane, but even Neville knows how important it is to accessorize.

And speaking of warmth, we would like to take this opportunity to send wishes to all of our friends in the snowy parts of the country that you are staying as warm as our trusty, obedient and patient pup!


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