Just In Case You Forgot To Wear Green to the Office Today

When I forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, I just say it’s on my underwear. I know that’s a little green lie, but when your office is in your home, your co-workers might be five years old, and the idea of being allowed to pinch mom is just too appealing … all … day … long. (My co-workers are no longer little, but we did have five-year olds on staff for a very long time.)

So if you still have little colleagues, feel free to use my underwear-decor excuse. However, if you are afraid it’s bad luck to lie on St. Patrick’s Day, here are some slivers of green from the leprechans at the Cathy Heck Studios in Texas, Virginia and California.

To avoid a pinch, you can just reach up and touch your screen, saying, “You can’t pinch me, I’m wearing my green in pixels today.” That counts, right? I mean it IS 2014.

Enjoy a pinchless St. Pat’s, and we hope you receive some excellent iLuck today and throughout the year.




Note: We do not have a new puppy … this is a #memory monday photo of Neville when he was but a wee lad, before he realized that he would have to spend the rest of his life dressing up as everyone from the Easter bunny to Neville O’Heck.

Wishing a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!



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