How to make EASY Tootsie Pop People

Here’s a fun project for Valentine’s Day treats. It’s easy to do for everyone, and a great project for including the kids! Plus, Tootsie Pop People are not fair weather folks … they can be used for any party! For Princess Parties, add some crowns, for Christmas Parties, add some Santa Hats … the sky’s the limit! Hope you enjoy personalizing your Tootsies.

CathyHeck_ValentineCupcakeInstructions1 CathyHeck_ValentineCupcakeInstructions2
Make a set of cupcakes.  Frost with pink buttercream icing for Valentine’s, but use any color for other seasons and holidays! I used jumbo cupcake papers (double the recipe if you do), but if you make smaller ones, you can use Mini Tootsie Pops. Supplies needed for Tootsie Pop People:  Tootsie Pops, ribbon, white tissue paper cut into strips approximately 4.5” x 11”, a fine-tipped pen, scissors, tape.
CathyHeck_ValentineCupcakeInstructions3 CathyHeck_ValentineCupcakeInstructions4
Roll each Tootsie Pop top using the tissue paper.  Leave the same amount above the pop as below. Holding the pop in one hand, twist the extra paper on top with the other (in the direction that the paper is rolled).  Then, repeat for the paper under the base of the candy.  Put a small piece of tape on the portion at the bottom to smooth it to the stick.
CathyHeck_ValentineCupcakeInstructions5 CathyHeck_ValentineCupcakeInstructions6
With a thin-tipped pen, draw a fun face.  You can’t go wrong … every personality can be different.  This is a great step for including the little ones. Tie a “hair bow” at the top twisty for the girls and a “bow tie” at the bottom twisty for the boys.  And there you have a handsome group of young Tootsie Pop People.  Enjoy your new friends.