How to make SUPER EASY Valentine Candy & Love Note Muffins

When your Valentines, little or big, see this fun treat, their eyes will open wide with excitement … just seeing all that candy all together in neat and tidy rows is very satisfying, and the personalized Love Note Flags make this present a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift of love.

Plus, it’s very, very easy to make.

CathyHeck_CandyMuffinsInstructions1 CathyHeck_CandyMuffinsInstructions2
Gather supplies: muffin tin, paper muffin cups, pink tissue paper (cut into 4.5” squares), pink paper cut into rectangles (2“ x 3/4”), red card stock cut into rectangles  (1” x 4.5”), scissors, roller adhesive (or glue stick), decorative toothpicks, fine-tipped pen, 12 kinds of candy. On the small rectangles of pink paper, write 12 special notes that are perfect for your Valentine. Fold the red rectangles in half and glue the pink pieces on the right side.
CathyHeck_CandyMuffinsInstructions3 CathyHeck_CandyMuffinsInstructions4
Put a small strip of adhesive in the middle of the fold to hold the card stock to the toothpick and a small bit on the outside edge for holding each side together. Fold the top of the flag over the bottom.  Voila!  Your love note flags are ready to go.
CathyHeck_CandyMuffinsInstructions5 CathyHeck_CandyMuffinsInstructions6
Place a square of tissue paper under each muffin cup, (this adds a more festive touch to the final presentation), then put a little bit of candy in each cup to hold them down while you begin filling them. Fill each cup as full as possible.  It might be a good idea to have a bit of extra just in case you need to try one or two for quality control. :-)  Then, place each Love Note Flag into the center of each cup.  Present to your favorite Valentine.  Wait for many hugs and kisses.