Little Pond’s "Ellie" saves the day

Not long ago, we received an email from this sweet mother:

“Hello, I am the mother of an 18-month little girl. We have had your adorable ‘Little Pond’ collection in her room and crib since she was born. When we bought the collection, I also bought a cute little stuffed elephant that is holding a small blanket, which is also from the ‘Little Pond’ collection. Our baby girl fell madly in love with her little ‘Ellie’. As you can imagine, after 18 months of so much love, the ‘Ellie’ blanket is starting to look a little rough and we fear everyday that we may lose him and our baby will get no sleep that night!”

This was a dilemma, because, unfortunately, that product was no longer made. So, we promised to take a look in our warehouse and see if we could find one, as we could all remember how difficult sleep was around our house without Hamlet, Blankie or Junior.


The good news is that we were able to find one sample left, which we sent right up to Pennsylvania. I’m happy to report that “Ellie2” saved the day and we sure hope this cute baby can sleep at night now, as well as get some great chewing in on Ellie’s excellent-for-teething trunk. And we didn’t even know that our product could be used as a charming hat, as well!


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