Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!

Every so often, Easter and my mom’s birthday coincide and this is one of those years. Happy Birthday, Mom! I am making Easter/birthday cupcakes for you with Alton Brown’s egg white foam recipe (but given the several states between us, we will have to do the eating over here in California, and you will have to feast your eyes on this very yummy picture…)


Other Easter festivities: we have dyed some more eggs – this time Lithuanian-style – with red and yellow onion skins. Though, we haven’t quite gotten the chemistry down, as we’re not sure if that lovely chartreuse is coming from the red or yellow skins…




after boiling, we played “egg-wars” where one person tries to crack the other’s egg. I am happy to announce that this year, my little Hercules of a spotty brown egg (I believe he’s the one in the lower right-hand corner) defeated a whopping 9 opponents in total…that was about as much as we could eat…