Speaking of Princesses


Okay I admit it, I had not had a chance to buy anything for Margaret’s party until the night before, so I headed to Walmart hoping that I could buy the entire party from soup to nuts, and guess what?! Bingo! I walked out with everything from pink plates to potato chips to Hannah Montana lipgloss rings!
AND, while I was there I stumbled across some scrapbooks that we designed through Tapestry for WalMart, which turned out really cute! They are 8×8 pre-designed scrapbooks featuring our Little Princess and Little All Star characters and patterns. The 3-dimensional embellishments on each page really pop. The use of glitter and doming effects are my favorite touches. If you have been wanting to create a scrapbook for your own little princess or all star, these look great and are EASY to make! Just pop in your pictures and smile!