Welcome Home Neville!


So, here is how it happened. After our beloved lab of 11 years, Mocha, went to doggy heaven right before Christmas, I had promised that we could get a puppy this summer. But, I had meant something like July. Approximately 30 minutes after Margaret’s last final on May 29th, the official start of summer, I received a call from the two sisters which started like this: “Mom, now don’t say no until you hear us out.” (I should have known better that very moment!) On their way home, they had happened to stop by PetSmart where there just happened to be several puppies! So, with much pleading, promises to feed, wash, and clean up after the puppy, a picture was sent to me via cell phone–how unfair is that?! Long story short, we now have a new puppy. He is a rescue puppy and according to his rescuer, he is part border collie and part lab … but we think he is 100% cute. ( … well, except at about 3:00 in the morning, when he is so ready for a playdate!)


He also has excellent puppy breath, which smells a little bit like a coffee shop!