Project #3: Once Upon a Time, A Wedding Shower for Readers

While we were looking for some fun wedding pictures to share with you, we came across this invitation for a wedding shower that we thought you might enjoy. Ellen and Andrius are both voracious readers, so what better way to celebrate their upcoming union than a Book Shower! Here is the book-themed invitation, and you are welcome to copy it straight away! We scanned a piece of marbleized paper and added hints of sewn leather. The copy was reminiscent of a fairy tale. The invitation encouraged guests to share their favorite must-reads with the newlyweds and included a book plate that matched their wedding invitation. Ellen and Andrius loved opening each new book to start their library, AND I think all the guests had just as much fun choosing their recommendations for the new couple. Interestingly, there wasn’t a single duplication, and the books ranged from fiction to biographies, art books to cook books! If you have an appetite for books, this is the party for you … and don’t wait for a wedding, it’s a great theme for birthday parties and baby showers, too!


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