Cupcakery Study: Berkeley and Austin

I completely understand the urge to say “Hey, let’s go get an ice cream cone,” or “I’ll meet you for a latte,” but it never really occurred to me to suddenly think, “Hey, I could sure go for a cupcake,” …. until now! With cupcakeries popping up all over America, I think I might soon, find myself driving the kids home, and saying, “Hey everybody, who wants a cupcake?!”

I also think I just love to say the word, “cupcakery” … and I’m really not even sure if it’s a real word. Nevertheless, we recently had the opportunity to visit two such cupcakeries and you can learn a little bit about them here, just in case you find yourself hankering for a cupcake when you least expect it in Austin or Berkeley!


Love At First Bite
Berkeley, California
Sweet scents drew us into this lovely little shop tucked away in the heart of the “Gourmet Ghetto.” Since the summer weather in Berkeley was freezing by Texas standards, just the idea of a warm cupcake sounded comforting. We particularly liked that they offered little miniature versions so that when we lusted for a great big cupcake, we could reel ourselves in and save some calories for the next stop in this neighborhood of foodie heaven.


Hey Cupcake! Austin, Texas
Sweet scents drew us over to this bright shiny airstream in the heart of the South Congress District of Austin (SOCO). Since we mistakenly chose the middle of a 104-degree day to stop by, we were delighted with the pink parasols provided for hungry customers while waiting in line. Miniature cupcakes were not offered here, because, well, we were in Texas, where everything is big, even the cupcakes!