Seeing it Soft

CathyHeck_CozyN2KQuilt It was such a treat to find this hand-quilted Noah’s Ark Two-of-a-Kind baby blanket on Etsy today at Nana McQuilts.  At the studio, we become so attached to Cathy’s actual illustrations – the two-dimensional art on paper – that it’s always a treat to find these same characters as toys, on ceramics, or in this case, in 100% cotton. While a ceramic seal will always look more slippery than his watercolored counterpart, there is nothing cozier than a cotton panda. That’s what I like most about this quilt: it’s so warm and cozy looking.  I feel like it should be spread out on the grass in summer and before a fireplace in winter…preferably with books strewn over it.

The pieces for making this quilt yourself can be found here, and at any of the Jo-Ann stores.