Greetings from ABC Baby Expo Las Vegas

ABCBabyExpoLasVegas1 We have just returned from ABC Baby Expo in Las Vegas!  Unfortunately, no non-media cameras were allowed inside, so you will just have to imagine the hundreds of cute onesies, the thousands of new pacifiers, the millions of new blankies, and the trillions of new nursing bras.  But we did have our camera with us after the show, so here we are seeing Las Vegas for the very first time.  Wow, it’s sparkly!


After we walked aisles and aisles of baby gear, we decided that we couldn’t leave Las Vegas without seeing The Strip.  It was a neon extravaganza, a Disneyland for grownups.  We took the monorail down to the MGM Grand, bought a tee shirt with a lion for Margaret, and then decided that we had to see the fountains at the Bellagio (Oceans 11 and all) … They were spectacular.  The pond from which they sprung was more like a lake, and they “danced” to the music … I mean they really danced.  We watched one “fountain show” set to opera, and then we were lucky enough to end our fountain viewing with Frank Sinatra’s “Luck Be A Lady Tonight.” A perfect end to a night in Vegas!



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