First Playdate for Neville


Max, this is Neville.  Neville, this is Max.  I am happy to report that Neville survived his first introduction to the species, dog, of which he is a member.  I am also happy to say that he loved every minute of it.  After lots of sniffing and running and running and sniffing, Neville realized that he wasn’t a people afterall, but rather a real dog.  Although Max was much bigger and extremely lean and fit, Neville was very brave, and exceptionally cordial.


FirstPlaydateForNeville3 Okay … well, there was one moment during which Neville had to take cover between two chairs to regroup.  But, he returned to the pouncing exchange with all his puppy heart.  It was also a little hard for him to share his water bowl.  But, since he is 5 months old (I guess, in dog years, he’s actually in his terrible twos) it was time for him to have his first sharing lesson … one small raised lip and a tiny growl from Max … and he got it!  You might suggest that tactic to your little ones!  It really works.
So that was Neville’s first playdate, and now he is taking a very long nap.


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