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This simple idea has changed my team mom life.  For years, I have been doing my momly duty of signing up for a snack day.  And, for years, I have spent way too much time standing in front of the fruit section of my grocery store wondering exactly how much I should buy for one team of active girl athletes.  And, for years, I have provided enough healthy snackage for TEN teams.  I would supply large vats of strawberries or grapes or oranges and they would be passed around during halftime.  When the still-abundant large vats of leftover fruit came back to the sidelines, after 20 sets of game-day hands had been digging into the containers, it was hard to imagine really saving it for family and friends.

Finally, one of my fellow moms suggested that we provide all of our snacks in individual snack bags with exactly two orange quarters and about 10 grapes.  Simple, yet brilliant.  No waste and no wasted time in grocery store indecision.  Hallelujah … I am free from the burden of quantity overestimation. Fellow team moms, enjoy!


  1. Terri Robertson October 19, 2011

    Hi! I have been looking for a copy of your scrapbooking album. I think it is called Two of a Kind Design. It is a Noah’s Ark album that has the circular raised animals on the cover. I bought two for my granddaughter’s first year photos and find that I have enough for three albums. I can’t find another copy anywhere. I bought these two last year. Is there a chance that you know where I can get another copy? Thanks for any help!!! Terri Robertson

  2. Author
    Cathy Heck October 20, 2011

    I will email you with some info on this scrapbook! Cathy

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