A Thank You Note to the Austin Fire Department

CathyHeck_FireDept1 Don’t worry mom, we did not have a fire!
Lunch was over and I was heading up to the studio, when suddenly, I heard the sound of rushing water … unfortunately, it was coming from under my kitchen sink.  The next thing I knew, water was filling our kitchen.

I raced to the location of the geyser.  A pipe had broken and hot water was gushing everywhere.  I tried to turn the handle, but to no avail. I was afraid that I was trying to turn the knob in the wrong direction. “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey,” I kept saying … still it remained frozen.  So I called 911: “I am not having an emergency, but can you remind me what number I should call for a non-emergency emergency?” She told me that, actually, I was having an emergency and she would send the Fire Department over right away.
CathyHeck_FireDept2 I was making dams out of old towels as fast as I could, when I heard the firetruck arrive.   The firefighters (now flood-stoppers) raced in, and with proper tools and strong muscles, turned off the spewing geyser.
CathyHeck_FireDept3 If they had not arrived so quickly, we would have been swimming in our living room. And, as if that wasn’t grand enough, they procured large wet-vacs and long floor squeegees from their truck, and began to remove the gallons of water that had filled our kitchen and living room. Wow! I was amazed.  They didn’t stop until it was completely cleared of water and then they packed up their equipment and left like Superman after saving Metropolis. I began looking around at all the things which we would not have to replace because of the swift attention of our firefighters. And, I was grateful.



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