Have a Monstrous Halloween from Cathy Heck Studio


If your Halloween week is like our Halloween week, you might be running out of time to make fun Halloween snacks like the caramel apples we posted earlier. This week, however, when it was the night before advisory snack day, we were needing the purchasable kind of treat.  While shopping at our local Randall’s grocery store, I spied this curious green Halloween delicacy – sort of a monster mush.  He was so ugly, he was cute, and he was only $12.99!  He is also a cupcake cake, so all the kids can just grab a frosted limb and dig in.  I know these are not the greens recommended for growing fresh smart brain cells … but sometimes you just have to go with a little green sugary goo during Halloween.  Monday, we’re back to broccoli.  Hope you have fun with your ghosties and ghoulies.  Happy Halloween from all the critters at Cathy Heck Studio!



  1. ellen October 30, 2009

    Words cannot express!!

  2. Cindi October 30, 2009

    Too fun! You know I’m all about anything kinda, sorta, remotely CUPCAKE!!

  3. Quasi Serendipita November 1, 2009

    That is an awesome cupcake!

  4. claire November 2, 2009

    I am getting a sugar headache just looking at that cake!

  5. Elizabeth November 2, 2009

    Since he’s so mushed and funny/scary, I bet I could make one of these!
    Thanks for visiting my Halloween parade!

  6. ellen November 5, 2009

    It sort of makes my teeth hurt!

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