Project Idea #6: Caramel Apple Toppers

CathyHeck_CaramelApples1 Recently I was filling out a profile for a food blog, and one of the questions was: What is something you’d like to eat or cook?  And my answer was: “I wish I had more time to make my daughter’s advisory snacks on snack days.” (We usually buy the junkiest of snacks the night before, which apparently is perfectly fine with her fellow 16-year olds, but still.)  I kept thinking about my answer, until I finally decided, “I shouldn’t just wish that, I should do that.”  So this week, when her snack day rolled around, I decided to make caramel apples since it’s halloween season.  I know  that’s not exactly health food, but at least it includes an apple. We have also been wanting to include a fun gift for our readers, so I decided to double the fun and design some caramel apple banner toppers that you can make, too.  The artwork link is included below.  If you want to avoid a dental visit, you might use them to decorate some cupcakes, instead.


TaDah! (photo above)  Here is how I did it:  First, I began my quest for the perfect caramel apple recipe, and found this one for Sweet and Salty Caramel Apples, which sounded like it would be appealing to all taste buds.  I added toasted pecans to the bases, because I think toasted pecans make everything better.  Then I put a few grains of sea salt on the tops.  And, I even mastered the art of flinging the chocolate as a final embellishment.
I chose to use dowel rods from the craft store instead of popcycle sticks, because it gave more room for hands to hold without getting sticky.  Then I topped them with our handy dandy toppers and some ribbon and called it a night … a late night.  It ended up taking a lot longer than our usual junk food run, but it was very satisfying.  See photos below, sent to me by Margaret’s advisor, of happy teenagers (and a coach) gobbling down their advisory snacks before returning to class. I thought I might suggest a Halloween-themed Chemistry Lab assignment: Discover a caramel coating that is thick enough to stick to apples, but not so thick as to pull out teeth.  Happy Halloween from all of the goblins at Cathy Heck Studio.


Click here to download our Halloween Toppers artwork .


Click here for easy instructions for making Halloween Toppers.


We’d love to see pictures of your caramel apple successes (and get any tips you might have learned along the way). You can add them as comments to this post below, or email us at


  1. Muv October 23, 2009

    Sweet, sticky and noisy, I’ll bet…….perfect advisory snack!

  2. Just Jennifer November 1, 2009

    that’s awesome :D

  3. joy November 3, 2009

    Looks like they were a big hit!

    Stopping by from the Halloween Parade :o)

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