Happy Birthday to the Best Pack Mule Ever

CathyHeck_Packmule In our house o’ girls, it became clear very early on that the dad would be relegated to packmule status for life!  We would like to wish a very happy birthday to our favorite packmule.
Thank you for carrying luggage, carrying backpacks, carrying us, driving us everywhere, changing light bulbs, changing the oil, changing diapers, supplying our techno needs (we know you actually like that), waiting for us in the shoe department, cooking pancakes, grilling burgers, driving carpools, putting the worms on the fishing poles, watching gymnastics on TV even when there is a football game on a different channel, tying skates, tying boots, tying ribbons in our hair, teaching us to ride bicycles, teaching us to drive cars (that’s scary),  watching ballet recitals, filming lacrosse games, throwing us in the air, making studio mockups, shipping tight deadlines, taking samples to the warehouse, retrieving samples from the warehouse,  washing windows, to-doing to-do lists, buttoning dresses, helping with homework, drying our tears and making us laugh. YOU ARE THE BEST.
Happy Birthday from all of your girls.



  1. Dad December 21, 2009

    I love my gals!

  2. sus December 21, 2009

    hee haw!

  3. The Hollymans December 22, 2009

    Happy Birthday!! You DA MAN!!!!

  4. Muv December 22, 2009

    Give love to get love…..the Heck men are great examples.

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