Advent Wreath Candle Catch-up


We finally had time to find some candles for our advent wreath.  And since we were already well into the second week of Advent, I had to do my annual advent wreath candle catch-up, which is to say that we burn one candle for two dinners, then two candles for two more dinners, so that the candles will all be appropriately staggered for the number of weeks they should have been burning, if I had been thinking ahead.  Does anyone else have this dilemma?
I don’t even know why I feel the need to hustle on the candle burning, because for the last few years, as we languish at the table after our big Christmas dinner, someone has yelled out, “Oh no, the advent wreath is on fire again!”  Three times we have been having so much fun that we haven’t noticed that the Week One candle has burned all the way to the little wooden holder and is smoldering.  And all three years, we have carted our sweet little wooden wreath to the little shop here in Austin, Rootin’ Ridge Toymakers, which makes them, and they have replaced the wooden holder.  If you would like to add this pretty advent wreath to your tradition, the little shop here in Austin still makes them.  But, be sure to blow out the candles before they touch the holders unless you want to add a little excitement to your Christmas night!  Happy Advent.

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  1. ellen December 15, 2009

    I have started burning my candles with reckless abandon and have already had to replace them 3 times!

    Rootin Ridge is wonderful and very Austin. :)

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