Salt Dough Ornaments Through the Years

CathyHeck_DoughOrnments1 For many Christmases, we made dough ornaments every year.  We haven’t made them in awhile, but every year, we get to relive our dough days.  We giggle about some of our early attempts and tell Margaret some of the stories surrounding them, since she was too little to remember.  For example, the dough ornament to the left is a dough portrait of me made by a fellow art director when we lived and worked in New York City.  (I am holding a giant Design marker.) She arrived at our Christmas party with a bottle of wine and personal dough ornaments for everyone.  We were all very impressed and amused. Recently, Ellen asked me for our bread dough recipe and miraculously, I actually found it.  So soon, Ellen will be sharing her grown-up attempts at the art of bread dough ornament making with all of you.  TIP: Be sure to spray your  artistry with a fixative, or even better, dip it in epoxy, otherwise, while your ornaments are stored for the summer, they might become a tasty dinner for hungry varmints.




  1. Jessica Nunemaker December 5, 2009

    How cute!

    I did this one year when I was rather young. I had a ferret years later who used to like to steal the only one that survived. ;)

  2. ellen December 5, 2009

    Um, excuse me…where is “hammy”?

  3. Muv December 9, 2009

    What? no maroon coloring for the Aggie?

  4. This is really cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

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