Charity’s Visit

Recently, one of our favorite babysitters from Margaret’s little years, came to town for a visit and brought her own precious little ones.  Here is her cute toddler christening her Little Pond melamine dish set.  It was good to see that it could be bonked, dropped and dinked, and still be ready for mac and cheese.  Also, Neville, our all-boy puppy would like to thank Charity’s adorable all-boy son, for taking him on an adventure trek in our backyard wilderness.  Neville had so much fun that he had to take a four-hour nap afterward!
We loved seeing Charity, our great babysitter-now-teacher and her adorable family.  Maybe one of our girls can babysit for her now!



Here’s a picture we found of Margaret, our now 16-year-old, when she was four, with her wonderful babysitter, Charity, mother of cute toddler above, who was a student at UT at the time.  You just have to love a babysitter who is willing to play dress-up, and hide in tents, and crawl into club houses, and whose name is Charity!


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