All Dressed Up for a Car Repair Lesson


On Saturday, we had just squeaked out an emergency deadline and Jim was about to run it to the last FedEx drop-off opportunity for the weekend.  I gave a sigh of relief as I watched a mailing tube full o’ new art head out the door under Jim’s arm.  I dropped down into a chair by the window, when what should I spy out of the window pane?  Margaret and Jim peering curiously into our car.  Uh-oh, dead battery at deadline time … that’s not good … but more importantly, what is Margaret wearing?  A prom dress?  Yes, it is.  What else would you wear for a battery-jumping lesson?  Yep, the dad-side of Jim’s duties had overtaken the studio-delivery-man side, and even though a FedEx cut-off time was looming, he just had to give his new-driver daughter a little lesson: How to Jump a Battery.  And, even though his gal was in the middle of repurposing last year‘s prom dress for a let’s-get-dressed-up-for-dinner evening with friends, there was no time like the present for a car maintenance lesson.  Fortunately for all, it was a quick lesson, and our package made it out in time, and more amazingly, her white dress remained white!  The good news is that if she and I are ever together when the battery dies, I’m sure she will know how to fix it better than I do … even if we’re all dressed up.



  1. Muv February 16, 2010

    Your terrific girls have a terrific Dad! And a wonderfully understanding Mom!

  2. Leslie February 16, 2010

    I love this! Nothing like a deadline and a prom dress to keep things suspenseful!!

  3. Elizabeth February 19, 2010

    You should ALWAYS dress the part…whatever the part may be…I love that Margaret had the confidence to participate in Car Jumping 101 in a white dress!

  4. Louisa February 24, 2010

    Next time call first – Katherine will show up for ‘car class’ in her matching blue dress.

    It reminds me of the princess dresses when they were six – nothing can trouble a girl in a princess dress. :-)

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