Groundhog Day Erratum


We received a gentle correction from one of our readers pertaining to the previous post honoring Groundhog Day:
Email Subject:  There’s a Groundhog Day in Australia? Who knew?
He also relabeled my artwork:  Punxsutawney Phil visits his Aussie cousin Adelaide Adelaide.

Okay, very funny.
But, alas, he was correct.  Although artist’s prerogative does allow all of my critters to live in an eternal springtime, I do agree that perhaps Punxsutawney Phil probably was looking for his shadow from a more wintry backdrop, which I have provided above for our more literal readers.  I did have to hold myself back from adding earmuffs and mittens to my little fellas, who have always lived in Springtimeville and might be a little chilly in their new home.
Thank you Doug for watching over our truth in blogvertising.  :-)


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