DIY Project #10: Valentine Candy & Love Note Muffins


Shhhh. This is a secret.  Don’t tell Margaret, but this will be her surprise on Valentine’s morning.  Every year on Valentine’s Day, the girls wake up to some kind of totally-decadent non-healthy, sugar-filled surprise … a little bit like Christmas stockings, only all red and pink.  This year, we only have one girl at home, and she will actually be playing in a soccer tournament on Valentine’s weekend, so when she gets home from all that sweaty fun, this pile of sugar will be waiting for her. (Makes your teeth ache just looking at it, doesn’t it?)

You might like to create a similar present for your favorite little Valentines this year.  Big Valentines love it, too!  This is a very EASY project, with a nice big wow effect for the recipient.  With the little Love Note Flags that fly over each muffin tin, you can make it very personalized.  You can even make it healthy, with tins full of granola, nuts and fruit … naaahh.  Just go for the gusto.  It’s Valentine’s Day!

Click here for super easy instructions.



  1. Kimba February 11, 2010

    What a sweet idea! My boys would LOVE this!

  2. Muv February 11, 2010

    Knowing your daughter, I can already hear the squeals of pleasure as she tastes one after the other!

  3. vanessa February 11, 2010

    great idea!

  4. Leslie February 11, 2010

    Sooo sweet! And I love the illustrations! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Katherine @ Grass Stains February 11, 2010

    This is a wonderful idea! We’d almost decided not to do anything for our three boys for Valentine’s Day this year, but you may have changed my mind. :) How cute!

  6. Jana February 5, 2011

    it would be super cute if the tags related to the contents. Like “You’re RED HOT!” with red hots or “you’re such a smarty pants” with the candy smarties

  7. ina February 7, 2012

    hope it is okay to link your post here to my valentines day special on my blog (online on friday) i will link it back to THIS site.

    kisses from germany

  8. Author
    Cathy Heck February 29, 2012

    Yes yes and hello from Texas to Germany!

  9. Lulu February 13, 2013

    How did I miss this the first time around??? And omgosh – I know who makes the best guacamole around there – made me very sentimental. In a good way.

  10. Author
    Cathy Heck February 19, 2013

    :-) yes you do!

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