Caldecott Season, Jerry Pinkney, and a Budding Artist

photo1_cald Every year, right before our niece’s birthday in February, the Caldecott Awards are announced, and we are able to give her a brand new fresh Caldecott award-winning book.  (Okay, I admit it, I give myself the same book.  Happy Grace’s Birthday to me!)  This year, when I realized that the award might have been announced, I zipped to the ALA site to find the winner.

When I saw that the Caldecott Medal winner for 2010 was the Lion & the Mouse, by Jerry Pinkney, I had to have a little smile remembering another little girl I know, who loved the stories illustrated by Jerry Pinkney.  In fact, that little girl, who happens to be the co-writer and artist of this blog, wrote a second-grade report on Mr. Pinkney in 1992 .  And, miraculously, I was able to find that very report.  I think the assignment was to deliver an oral presentation pretending to be someone with a career you might like to have someday.  Afterward, each student wrote about his or her experience.  Below is Ellen’s report on her report.


Here are several studies of Mr. Pinkney using a variety of mediums, which she included in the pretend portfolio she used with her speech.


Then, coincidentally, several weeks later, Jerry Pinkney was having a book signing at a little book store near us in Connecticut.  Here is Ellen (and her little sister) meeting Mr. Pinkney in person.  Jerry Pinkney, and many others, had a big part in inspiring this little gal to be an artist when she grew up, and, now that she is, I think she might say, just as she did in second grade, “It is gret being an artist.”  (You can see how Ellen’s work has evolved here.)


Do you have a budding artist in your house?  If so, what artists spark the creativity of your little ones?  Do you have a favorite Caldecott book?  Comment below so everyone can be inspired.


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