Egg of the Day: Self-Esteem Egg

Margaret is most proud of this egg, because this egg holds the honor of being the “First Egg Margaret Actually Finished.”  When we started making these tedious jewels, Margaret was a toddler, while her sisters were five and ten years older.  So, although she tried, many of her early eggs are only decorated on one side.  (And, actually, if you think about it, her half-egg method was probably a very efficient use of time and effort … since, when displayed, only one side shows to the egg-admiring public, anyway.)  Nevertheless, while we love Margaret’s half-eggs just as much as all the others, she loves this one the most!

P.S. Margaret has continued to complete her eggs ever since this one, but, if you ever start to get antsy when you are making your own Ukranian eggs, I recommend the excellent half-egg time management approach.


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