Surtex Scrapbook, Part 2: Our Booth

To continue with our Surtex saga: When we arrived at Jacob Javits, we went straight to our booth and were delighted to see this: Our boxes!


And from these boxes we were able to do this on the first set-up day:


Above from top left clockwise: 1. Cathy pulling out our pre-made ready-to-hang presentation boards  2. Ellen examining Jim’s very clever hanging system, hint: wire coat hangers  3. Ellen attaching Jim’s even cleverer shelf system for displaying product  4. Ellen preparing the fabric samples for mounting.

For the second day of set-up, we were able to add the finishing touches, and meet our Surtex neighbors.  We’ll have more about our great new creative friends in the next post.


Above from top left clockwise: 1. Cathy adding tiny velcro sticker-onners to our 3d products so they wouldn’t fall on any of our licensees  2. The flowers arrived, which I had ordered a few weeks ahead from the official Surtex-approved flower purveyor, Big Apple Florist, and they were even prettier than the photo example I had sent with the “gift bag vase.” If our Welcome Home Noah gift bag had been available in England in the early 1900’s, I’m pretty sure Eliza Dolittle would have carried her flowers in one. 3. Ellen just couldn’t get excited about these large black stools that came with our booth, so we took a little trip to the SoHo Crate and Barrel and found …  4. these!  And we were able to amazingly fit them snuggly into the trunk of a taxi and get them to our booth.  So voila, there you have it: Surtex Booth #550.


Above: Our finished booth. Sort of feels like opening your summer lemonade stand – on steroids.  Below: Showing new work to one of our favorite clients.


Below: Cathy and Ellen and some of our studio friends saying thank you to our visitors, and we’ll see you next year.



  1. Leslie May 27, 2010

    Holy wow!! Looks incredible! Great job Ellen and Cathy!

  2. Ellen Heck May 27, 2010

    Thanks, Leslie!

  3. Alan Steel May 27, 2010

    I’m with Ellen on the “official” stools; the ones you bought look great – I’ll ask Penny to look into them for next year…..

  4. ellen May 27, 2010


  5. Muv May 27, 2010


  6. shari May 28, 2010

    Finally! I have been waiting for part 2 of this saga and you did not dissappoint. I can’t believe how much work this was, and everything looks great(including stools,Ellen and Cathy)!

  7. Author
    Cathy Heck May 28, 2010

    Thanks Alan … it did help to open it up a bit … plus, a great excuse for a little excursion to SoHo! :-)

  8. Louisa May 28, 2010

    Your booth looks amazing – and so do the both of you. Everything just right, and great call on the chairs Ellen! You guys are incredible. Congratulations.

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