Greetings from the Oregon Trail!



Not long after the Surtex extravaganza in the big city, my sweet husband and I took a four-day road trip from the Bay Area to Seattle and back.  This prophetic fortune from our favorite restaurant was discookied the day before, so we were feeling good about the adventures ahead – I don’t think we even checked the weather forecast until right before our 6am departure time.  “A SOGGY, YET ENJOYABLE VACATION IS AWAITING YOU” might have been more accurate…

Here are some pictures from the day we drove the scenic Columbia River Gorge.  It’s a segment of Historic Route US 30 that runs alongside I 84 and is dotted with waterfalls and waterspouts and water oozing from rock walls and blooming lime-green saturated sculptures of moss.  The first few are amazing, but there are so many that like watching fireworks, after awhile, we started getting picky; a brown sign would announce another approaching fall and we would crane our necks to see if this one was majestic enough to park the car.  Here is one for which we stopped to climb closer (left) and me (right), getting mist-soaked in an effort to record the moment, which lasted for about as long as it took to snap the picture.

CathyHeckStudio_OregonTrail3 CathyHeckStudio_OregonTrail4

Here are a few products that we put together for Surtex that would have come in very handy on the trip.

I guess that if you decide to live on the Northwest Coast, you need a great umbrella, impermeable shoes, and a bottle of Vitamin D.  The benefit is so much green that you feel if there were such a thing as Minpins, this is where they would live.


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