New York City, Part 1: When You Deserve a Little Something Chocolate


If you find yourself walking home through Chelsea in New York City after a long day of work, (like we did after our first day of Surtex) and you are certain that you deserve a little reward, (like we did) I would like to recommend Cocoa V on Ninth Avenue.  The only issue might be the length of time it could take to choose just one little something chocolate.  Neat and tidy rows of beautiful chocolates are displayed like jewelry, so making a decision seems a little bit like choosing between the diamond ring on the right and the sapphire bracelet to the left.


Some of the delicacies are so pretty that one might be hesitant to actually eat them, so we chose the Pretzel Clusters … not that they were ugly, they just weren’t quite as intricately decorated.  (Due to their deliciousness they are not pictured above.)  They were excellent–the perfect blend of sweet and salty.
Not only are the chocolates lovely, the staff is lovelier.  And if you need an excuse to appease your guilt for eating sweets too close to dinnertime, you can be content knowing that Cocoa V is the first 100% vegan, organic and fair trade chocolate shoppe in the city!  And, if reading this little post is making your mouth water for chocolate, you can also buy these gorgeous confectioneries from their online shoppe here.
Here I am below in my chocolate coat choosing a chocolate snack. Bon Chocolat!



  1. Ellen Heck June 11, 2010

    Love this, Mom. After this went up, I had to go dig the Nestle semi-sweet chips out of the pantry… :)

  2. Louisa June 11, 2010

    Yum! All kinds of candy in that shoppe. :-)

    Btw my word ver. is ‘the grossman’. Which is completely the opposite of your post.

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