Our Friendly Surtex Neighbors Part 2: Cosmo Cricket


Second in our series of new friends from Surtex with whom we’d like to keep in touch, the team from Julie C designs, a.k.a. Cosmo Cricket.


This husband/wife/best-friend team are the founders and designers of a twinkly Utah-based scrapbooking-focused company with an online store and a blog with a huge following.  Their booth was directly across from our own, so we enjoyed being able to spend so much quality-time looking at their happy, hip illustrations.


At one point, we noticed that a pixie on one of their art boards looked to us a lot like Julie, and it turned out that Eric had used her as a model.  They also told us that the little girl with pigtails in one of their new collections is their oldest daughter, and a little-boy fox, on a collection I loved with a bit of a Japanese feel, reminded them both of their little son.  It was fun to hear these stories, because I often notice family-resemblances in some of mom’s characters too.  In fact, not long ago we were working on a pink giraffe that I swear was standing on the cover of its book like mom stands when she’s watching a lacrosse game.

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  1. Muv June 3, 2010

    You mean Cathy tense and mentally playing the game along with the team? Holding herself still with great effort?

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