Inspiration Day in New York: Fishs Eddy, Eye Candy x 100


When I have the chance to step into Fishs Eddy, I feel as though I should get my sketch book out immediately and begin drawing repeat patterns … every item in this eye candy store is in repeat.  100 cups, 200 plates, 50 cake stands, 500 soy sauce holders. You name it, there are 100s of it … dishware of every kind in tidy rows, flowing from baskets, piled in corners and stacked to the ceiling.


One feels as though she has stumbled upon something between a restaurant supply store and a dish lover’s attic.  Aside from providing excellent sketch book fodder, the prices are great and the dishes are fun to touch … smooth and round and sturdy.


Many of the offerings are creamy white, ready to go anywhere and mix with anything.  But, there are plenty of buckets of colorful dishes to wake up your imagination.  In fact, you might find yourself planning a party just so you can say, “May I please have 100 of the tomato bisque plates … oh, and could you throw in 50 turquoise soy sauce dishes? Thank you.  We’re having a fiesta … with a japanese twist.”


“Excuse me, could you also add 5 cake plates, it’s actually a japanese fiesta … birthday party!”



  1. Muv July 2, 2010

    Is this the American version of the Tsukiji Market “dirty dish” section in Tokyo? No matter when I went….I came home with too many dishes!

  2. Ellen Heck July 9, 2010

    I love the Cups of Joes, Mom!

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