Neville’s Puzzling Escapade


So, Julianna comes running into the studio and sets this little jewel (a) next to my computer saying with concern, “Mom, look at this.  What do you think it is?”

I suggested, “Is it chewed gum? How about wet paper? A cocoon? Yuk. Creepy. Get that away. I have no idea.”

I thought about making this post a contest and asking all of you to guess.  But, I just don’t think it’s guessable, so I’ll just have to tell you.  It’s one single puzzle piece from our summer puzzle, extracted from the mouth of our beloved dog and now puzzle-piece thief, Neville. Fascinatingly, the knowledge that there was one missing piece completely changed our puzzle-solving strategy.  We consider ourselves jigsaw ninjas around here, but this time, we noticed that we were not spending the normal amount of consideration time on any one opening, because any given position could be the spot for that one important freshly-chewed piece.  Because we gave up sooner each time, the solving of this puzzle dragged on and on.  We just weren’t up to our normal puzzle speed and agility. Nevertheless, we were finally able to finish it, and are happy to present our finished product for the summer of 2010 … no thanks to Neville.


Below: Cathy and Jules in the joyful early stages of puzzling before Neville’s crime.


Below: Neville at the puzzle table.  Since I am  his adoring “mom,” I think he has a look of remorse and great regret over his misconduct with a vow in his heart to change his ways.  Others in my family are pretty sure he is planning the next heist.



  1. Muv July 23, 2010

    Maybe Neville just hates that Edward Gorey liked cats better than he liked dogs! l

  2. ellen July 23, 2010

    next heist for sure…you are so gullible!

  3. julianna July 24, 2010

    bad news, neville devoured a piece from our edward hopper puzzle.
    mom and i are very depressed.

  4. Author
    Cathy Heck July 25, 2010

    Although when I questioned Neville, he looked so innocent … I’m going to suggest that it was lost in a vacuuming incident.

  5. The Hollymans July 25, 2010

    I had to lol on this one! That Neville…the puzzle= meister, I mean the puzzle heister!

  6. Muv July 26, 2010

    I would suggest making a whole new replacement piece, tho plain colored with the initial “N” on it, in order to re-complete the puzzles.

  7. Ellen Heck July 26, 2010

    Great idea, Muv – especially now that we have a few pieces that need to be replaced!

  8. Muv July 27, 2010

    I can see a problem in solving any given puzzle…that you really don’t know until you finish it whether Neville has “helped” you or not…..and even then, whether or not to go looking under the couch or in his bed before you make a new piece!

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