DIY: Tea-Tin Planters Texas Style

After I read Ellen’s Tea Tin Planter idea, I looked all over the house for a pretty tea tin, but alas, all of my teas came in cardboard packaging.  Then I remembered a very pretty tea tin that I had saved from a summer in Japan.  It’s color was not quite as soft and gentle as Ellen’s … in fact, it was a screaming bright orange.  But, our house is puncuated with orange all around, so I thought it might just work perfectly.



#1  Because I didn’t have any succulents growing roots in the closet like Ellen, I went to my favorite nearby nursery with tea tin in hand.

#2  Because this pepper plant was begging to be displayed from my matching tea tin, I decided to forego the succulent idea and snapped up the peppers, adding a potato vine as an accent.

#3  Because there would be no drainage, I filled the tea tin about half way with pebbles.

#4  Because pepper plants must need more drainage than that, it died.

#5  Because I am lucky and the potato plant is hearty, the bright limey leaves of my accent plant are thriving!

(You can probably gather from the description of my process that Ellen’s limited gardening skills might be genetic.)

Below:  My tea tin triumph (before the pepper plant expired) … with a mini succulent garden planted in the tea tin top.


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  1. Claire August 20, 2012

    This is lovely, hope you don’t mind us sharing on our page

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