Neville and Another Puzzle Piece Heist


Most of you were correct.  Even though I thought Neville was planning to mend his ways, he was indeed planning another heist, and this time we didn’t even know about the theft until we were well underway with our puzzle.  Julianna and I just didn’t feel complete after the first summer puzzle was vandalized by our pup, so we decided to start on another.  And, as you can see (exhibit b above), Neville was at it again.  And, this time, he was sneakier, swallowing the evidence before we could catch him.

Here’s Neville after he walked on the bad side.  Once again, I just know he is repentant … but those around me have told me I am just seeing him through loving mother’s eyes and that he is really a scamp.

Know any good rehab places for puzzle-thievin’ pups?

CathyHeckStudio_NevsHeist2 Photo credit: Julianna Heck, who, after watching many episodes of CSI can recognize a guilt-ridden suspect in an instant.


  1. Muv August 3, 2010

    When you put the puzzles back into the cabinet, do you mark them as “Nevillized?”

  2. Ellen Heck August 3, 2010

    Absolutely! We should make a special sticker for it!

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