Remember these guys?


Every now and then, funny thoughts and little ideas from posts on the blog turn into something else we do in the studio.  Here are the summer squash sketches from the Bewildered Gardener back in August materialized – literally – into the Gourd Family Gathering on some fabric for Spoonflower.

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    Cathy Heck October 19, 2010

    You may have noticed that Ellen changed their names when they became fabric-born … not so much for protecting their identity as they made their way onto pajamas pants and table napkins, but rather, because our little squashettes were re-purposed as gourds so that they could be a part of a gourd-fabric contest … therefore, of course, they needed G names … Gilbert Gourd, Grace Gourd, Glynnis Gourd … I’m pretty sure Mrs. Gourd appreciated Ellen’s handy naming convention.

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