Tea Towel 2011

Well, here it is – before it gets covered in spaghetti sauce – the 2011 “vintage” tea towel design printed on cotton/linen blend at Spoonflower.


I call it “vintage” because the fancy typography is a re-mix of some of Cathy’s calendar designs from the early 90s!  (When you’ve been an amazingly productive artist/mom-ninja for 30 years, you amass quite an archive of artwork.)  Anyway, this was super fun to put together for Spoonflower’s Tea Towel Calendar competition coming up.  I was listening to a really good techno-remix of Beethoven’s 5th at the time (which I can’t find now, sorry) and feeling very DJ-ish.

CathyHeckStudio_2011CalendarTeaTowel2 CathyHeckStudio_2011CalendarTeaTowel3

Anyway, this towel is super easy to make.  One yard of the fabric comes as fat quarters (two tea towel calendars with a coordinating back printed right next to each one), so all you have to do to make a double-sided towel, is cut the fabric down the middle, fold one half in half, and sew up the three sides.  Voila!  You’re feeling crafty.


They also look good next to the label on Mrs. Meyer’s basil dish soap.  It’s nice to have color-coordinated dish washing supplies, right?


  1. MMC October 28, 2010

    How will these towels be marketed?

  2. nursery furniture November 5, 2010

    How exciting the products and ideas are on your site. We have many young mothers that are looking for your ideas, so we will send them to your site.

    These are very adorable and creative for the nursery.

  3. Nancy Keirns November 6, 2010

    Oh the towels are great! And the link to Spoonflower is appreciated. Wonderful colors.

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