Snow Day in Austin, Texas!



If you are from Lithuania, this may not really look like weather worthy of a city-wide school closing, but in Austin, Texas, this is definitely Snow Day material.  Under that tiny inch of snow, there is actually a slick sheet of ice.  Well, it had mostly melted by midday, but still.

We could even make a snow angel.  Okay, well it was created with a stick instead of a snow suit, but it was real snow and it was a real angel.


Here is what we learned on Snow Day:  Neville loves the snow.  We think it might have something to do with the fact that he is part (albeit a tiny part) Siberian Husky.  The minute he went out today, he ran to his high rock and barked and barked, as if to say to everyone in the neighborhood (who thought they might get to sleep in today), “Hey everybody, there is a bunch of white stuff out here and it is fluffy and wet and fun. Come play with me.”

Below is a photo of Neville discovering his first snow.  He’s not quite ready for the Iditarod, but he’s thinking about going into training.  It looks like he might need a little set of snow boots.



I wasn’t able to capture a photo of Neville when he made his first snow angel, but here is a quick sketch, just so you can appreciate another one of his amazing talents.  Happy Snow Day everyone and we hope you have as much fun as Neville is having!



  1. Shari February 5, 2011

    Is that YOUR view? Awesome! I am glad Neville enjoyed the white stuff.

  2. Shari February 5, 2011

    What a beautiful view of Austin! Glad to know Neville liked the white stuff. Can he croon while making a snowangel?

  3. Louisa February 5, 2011

    It’s the Alsatian bits that make Neville love the snow…

  4. Ellen March 20, 2013

    The Photo you have of the three girls in the field of bluebonnets – I am certain that is a photo of my daughters taken almost 30 years ago. How did you come to have that photo?

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