Spring Break: Letterpress


This year marked Julianna and my 4th annual sisters’ Spring Break.  Admittedly, I’ve never lived in very cozy places for her to visit in March during any of those years, but that hasn’t stopped us.  This year, for our art day, we spent one afternoon on the Vandercook letterpress at Kala in Berkeley.  Here’s Jules wiping the ink from some of our set type, and some up-close glamour shots of those gorgeous lead letters.

Jules was working on a series of prints showing side by side words that are easy for a dyslexic person to confuse.  Above, you can see the beginning of LUNCH, which was paired with UNCLE.  And below, borrowing on this theme, is my “crooks and nannies” which was something Andrius once said instead of “nooks and crannies”; the former being so much more fun to say than the latter.


We miss you, Jules!


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