Little Easter Surprises

I LOVE surprises, and usually spend hours planning them.  But, this year the Easter Bunny inside of me had to yield to the limited hours in the day.  Who came up with that 24-hour idea? Packing for trade shows, sending out new designs and watching our very last lacrosse games of the last child at home took up all of my egg-making, surprise-planning, candy-sending time. Not to mention blog-writing!  But, in that blur of activity, there were two little moments of happy Easter wonder.

The first one came two days ago, when a tiny, tidy brown-paper-covered box arrived in my mailbox.  It was from Ellen (co-writer of this blog and daughter).  I couldn’t imagine its contents.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but these two little jewels.  As you know, we have been making Ukranian eggs for years … but not this year.  So, when these arrived, I had a quick moment of tearful eyes and a smile … even this year, we can still add two more eggs to our collection of happy Easter memories.  Thank you, Ellen.


And, another surprise on a completely different level came today, Easter Sunday.  When we came home from church, I was wishing for “just a little something sweet.” On so many preceding Easters, a messy, chocolate-eating, cascarone-throwing hunt had taken place, but now that all those little hunters are big, we only had Easter-colored licorice, a favorite for everyone, but me.  Just can’t do licorice.  However, Jim gave me a bag of a brand new M&Ms flavor … coconut!  MMmmmm.  They taste like crunchy Almond Joys. My new favorite little something sweet. So there you have it … an egg surprise and a candy surprise … even though I didn’t plan it, the Easter bunny came after all.  Thank you Easter bunnies.

And, Happy Spring everyone.  Hope you receive lots of sweet surprises.


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  1. Ellen Heck April 25, 2011

    Ha! Were they really outside in the palm tree?

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