We’re Singin’ in the Rain!

Here is some background music for today’s post … so that you can sing in the rain, like we are! It rained today in Austin, Texas and it was a real, no-kidding soaker rain. I was in the grocery store when the skies finally opened after months of water rationing and 100+degree days. Everyone came out of the store just to stare at it, as if to collectively say, “what is that?” When I returned home, this is what was waiting for me: our beloved, but possibly dumb, dog standing in the rain … either he loves to be wet, or he just doesn’t have much common sense, as he could have easily waited under the eve. Since I love him so, I’ll vote for “loves to be wet,” but deep down, I think it might be that he is stu_ _ d … hey, look, when you leave the up out of stupid, it spells stud! (Can you tell I love this fella even when he smells like a wet dog!)

And below are pictures of what it looks like outside the studio window, along with two new colorways to emerge from today’s heavenly weather. The first one is called “It’s Rainin’ Rain, Hallelujah,” and the second one is called “Flower Shower.” We hope you are enjoying your weather as much as we are!




  1. Ellen Heck November 16, 2011

    I love “It’s Rainin’ Rain”!

  2. muv November 16, 2011

    Even wet, I bet Nev smells sweet!

  3. Patrick November 16, 2011

    Can’t fix stupid, so I vote for “stud”! I just can’t help feeling like we’re in a Mad Max movie these days…

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