We’re Back From New York and We Brought You a T-Shirt

Our booth at SURTEX is but a rainbow dream, and we’re back in the summertime heat of Austin, Texas. But, don’t worry, we didn’t forget you while we were gallivanting around New York … well, actually we were mostly gallivanting around the Javits Center. But, we remembered to bring this t-shirt back for you. As you can see, our rainbow-striped zebra was able to sneak out and buy himself a handsome souvenir.

And, if you would like a peek into our little booth-away-from-home, Julianna put together a quick time-lapse video of our booth-raising. We thought SURTEX was particularly perky this year, and sometimes we thought it almost had a party-like atmosphere. We will send more about the show soon. In the meantime, have a great weekend and color it fun.

Here is our booth from start to finish. If only it could have really been assembled this fast!


  1. alex colombo June 2, 2012

    What a cool video and beautiful booth! You girls are such a great team!

  2. alex colombo June 2, 2012

    …and your t-shirt is super adorable and cute!

  3. Sharyn Sowell June 2, 2012

    You had an ADORABLE booth and the t-shirt is darling as can be. So glad I got to visit with you!!!

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