Thursday Inspiration at C.R.Gibson

It’s Thursday, and we hope you can take a moment, while you are having your coffee, to stop by the fun new series that C.R. Gibson is posting on their website. Today’s featured artists are … well, gosh, okay … Cathy and Ellen Heck. We were asked to share the places we find inspiration for our work. In a nutshell, we might simply have said, “books” (Ellen) or “bacon” (Cathy), but they gave us more than a nutshell, so head on over to the all new design blog and pick up some inspiration to fuel your day … think of it as breakfast bacon for the right side of your brain.

P.S. And if you comment on their site, we will answer AND you will be entered to win a baby book and brag book. If you don’t have a new baby in your life, they make excellent shower gifts, or you might be like me, (Cathy) and STILL need to make those baby books for your grown babies (sorry Ellen, Jules and Mags). Project 156 in my empty-nest bucket list.


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