Bundles Ready for the Baby Bundles Elves

Sometimes, our larder is too full. We are so lucky to be in the business of making designs for fabric, and because we love it, we make a lot! Thus, an occasional over-abundance of soft yummy fabrics begins to take over the studio work room.

We had been searching for a group that might like to use some of our fabrics to make baby quilts, when all of a sudden, one dropped right into my email box! I had subscribed to The Quilt Store’s e-newsletter, and there it was … (rainbow sound effect) … in my inbox: “We are excited to have Austin Area Quilt Guild’s Baby Bundles group meeting in our store on Thursday.  Baby Bundles is a program of the Austin Area Quilt Guild that provides quilts for babies and children in need.” It’s too bad it was an email, because the sender couldn’t see the jumping-for-joy expression on my face.

So, I called the number, and Judy, one of the Baby Bundles coordinators answered. I said that I had lots of baby fabric and wondered if she might have lots of stitchers for baby fabric. We were a match made in heaven.

The next thing I knew, Gracie, another coordinator, arrived at my door with her husband to pick up the fabrics. She and her team then created kits which they gave to the AAQG members, who will make one or more baby quilts each, which they donate during their birthday months. Within a couple of weeks, they even held a Baby Bundles Fun Day at the local library during which they created many beautiful quilts for lots of lucky babies.

The photo below left shows the first quilt made with our fabrics by Gracie, and the right photo shows lots of fabric spread out ready for the magic stitching by the Baby Bundles gang.

It looks like so much fun … I am planning to join them one day, even though my sewing skills are still at the seventh-grade home economics level. And, we’re hoping the Baby Bundlers will post some of their creations on our Flickr Group, (if we ever figure out how to make it possible to see a button on our blog). But, in the meantime, Ellen and I are so excited to know that children around Central Texas who are in need of some soft cuddling will be cuddled in our designs. Thank you Baby Bundles volunteers!

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  1. Judy October 26, 2012

    Yummy, yummy fabrics. We had such a good time at our Fun Day! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilts roll in.
    Judy – BB Coordinator

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